When The Dark Is Gone blurb - FULL

run by ellen boucher

Imagine the children in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. They visited a magical land, fought battles alongside talking animals and centaurs, and won a war against a powerful and evil enemy. Then they returned home, no-one believed them, and they were back to war time rations and maths homework.

What does that feel like? How did they live with the memories of what they saw?

Did they end up in therapy?

When the Dark is Gone is a storytelling roleplaying game for 3-4 players. The players in this game take on the role of Clients in a real-world, modern-day setting. The Clients have serious psychological disorders, which damage them and those closest to them.

The game is set in a therapy session, which is one final attempt to get their lives back on track.

The Clients share a complicated history. Between the ages of six and twelve, they spent their summer holidays together. They don’t remember much about those holidays, but they know they were important, binding them together for life.

The Clients repressed their memories of the magical world that they visited during those holidays. This can be a pre-existing world from children’s fantasy fiction, or a world that is created through play. Those repressed memories unlock and explain the Clients’ recent, spectacular self-destructions. During the game, the players will create those repressed memories, uncover the events that scarred them and, maybe, resolve their issues.

Game Details
Session: 5
Number of Players: 4
Restriction: R18
Genres: psychological
Costume: Modern clothing