... if colours hated me - FULL

run by mel duncan
Statement begins...

I've been going to Scott's event Hydra ever since it began. A weekend away from the city, poor cellphone reception, friends, drinks, games. What a great way to relax. If by relax you mean "get hyped up on sugar and run yourself ragged having fun", which, lets be honest, I did. I didn't expect this year to be any different but shhxxkktytttssssshhhcccckkkttttt

Based on the Magnus Archives podcast. No knowledge of the show required.

Another one bites the crust - FULL

run by nik crombie
A producer has drawn the best living TV food personalities to make an “ultimate showdown” of tv food related personalities. Some are new, some are old hands - but will they band together against the toxic forces of reality tv or boil over in the pressure cooker of life in the public eye?

Who will end up on the chopping block? Who will get their own better and brighter TV deal? What scandals will sink their chances faster than a souffle?

Warning:swearing, adult themes, and spray on whipped cream. Written by someone who learned everything about the fine art of cuisine from TV.

Battle of the Bards - FULL

run by ellen boucher
It's graduation day at Wellspring College of Bardic Arts!

Time for the bards to go looking for groups, and adventuring parties to find their next member. It's also time for the Graduate Showcase. From orcish death metal hymns, to the college's first ever Dwarven bard, it promises to be a treat for the assembled parents, adventurers, and teachers. Of course first they have to cope with a threat most of the races of the realms truly dread... making small talk and getting to know people.

Best of the Wurst - FULL

run by malcolm harbrow
1942: Occupied France. A harassed hotel-owner, occupying Nazis, Very Important Visitors, and sausages. What could possibly go wrong?

Bloody Memories - FULL

run by cheryl frederick
You came here for a meeting - a very important one. You are armed, well. Those you were meeting with lie all around you, just as dazed as you are, and just as well-armed. You cannot remember if they were friend or foe, or a mixture of both. In truth, you cannot remember anything, not even your own name, except for two very important facts:
Someone here is responsible for your memory loss.
And someone is trying to kill you.

Diamond Geezers - FULL

run by bryn jones
In September 2000 the Millennium Dome was raided by an intrepid armed gang, who used a JCB to break in and steal the De Beers diamonds worth an estimated 220 million pounds.

The Guv’nor told you to come to meet him early at the lock up, because you’re the only one he trusts, but when you got there you found him murdered.

Ill Met by Moonlight - FULL

run by elle keen and samantha boston
The Spring Equinox approaches in the realm of the Fae, marking the Spring Queene’s ten thousandth year. High Queene Titania’s firstborn prepares to host the Fae Queenes together for the first time in living memory.

Recently, something deep within the dark forests has begun to grow out of the Spring Court’s control. The Erlking’s greatest Knight, Lord Herne has been devoured by The Shadowes as they slowly encroach on the Spring Court.

Desperate for answers, The Spring Queene has called the most powerful Faeries to her Court. Rumours are whispered even the mysterious Empress Laguna of the Merfae will be in attendance, who hasn’t been seen on land since retreating to the oceans with her kin millennia ago.

The Spring Queene’s power wanes at her most powerful time of year and silence has fallen on Titania’s Court.

A time of celebration becomes a time of mourning as Shadowes threaten to devour the realm.

Louvre Actually

run by philippa mcloughlin
A comedy game of anthropomorphic art.

Project Foxtrot: The Aftermath - FULL

run by chris rosedale
The first phase of Project Foxtrot had been labelled a success, reports in the company indicated that phase 2 was going ahead as planned. But then everything was brought to a sudden halt.

No one really knows what when down on the last day, contradicting reports aren't making it any easier. So there's only one way to find out what really happened, send a team in to find out.

Cue Recovery Team Tango. A group of personnel designated with the investigation on site, to collect data & report back.

Project Foxtrot; Heading Home - FULL

run by chris rosedale
For the 1st time since Project Foxtrot started, the Alpha Group are preparing to head home.

As members of the team are finishing up their final notes and checks, they prepare the facility for temporary shutdown, before they load up and leave. It's been a long hard slog, but results are collated, and everyone is in a joyous mood.

After all, nothing quite like a few celebratory drinks to relax as the final checks are done!! #AmIRight??

Quick Wit and Queasy Stomach - FULL

run by russ kale
Last night, you and the other members of Mr. O'Strate's year 13 drama class performed a well-received production of 'Much Ado about Nothing'. Given that it was the last day of school yesterday, there was nothing stopping you all from heading over to Leonato and Antonio's house. The liquor cabinet was raided, Friar brought some of their stash with them, and when people weren't swimming they were off in a bedroom somewhere.

Now it's the next morning, and you can't really remember much of what happened... but you need to find out before you head off into an uncertain future of university and adult responsibilities. Let's hope someone else remembers what you got up to.

Tears of Heaven - FULL

run by ciarán searle
Rattled after the death of their party's paladin, our brave adventurers begin the last leg of their journey. The lich is defeated, but his phylactery must be carried to the purest waters in the lands, the waterfall known as the Tears of Heaven, for him to be destroyed once and for all.

The Always Winter - FULL

run by lee patrick
This is a story about the end of the world.

At some point, it became inevitable. The first bomb was launched, then the next, and the next, and within a few days the radiation clouds had spread, and covered the world. Those who survived retreated to underground silos, to live out our lives beneath the surface.

The Company of Devils - FULL

run by quentin bourne
A group of soldiers on the losing side of the war band together out of desperation rather than any liking for each other and attempt to escape their now occupied country. They travel for days, weeks, through the rain and the mud, heading for the nearest border. They survive on meagre supplies scavenged from burnt out farm buildings and old encampments. Progress is slow - they constantly have to hide and double back and wait to avoid enemy patrols. Finally they reach the mountain range that marks the border and begin their treacherous climb.
Deep in the mountains, they find something.

The Devil's Brood - FULL

run by anna klein
Christmas 1183: Queen Helaine of Anglia, the most powerful queen in Christendom, has summoned her family together to celebrate Christmas. The Queen of Gallia will be in attendance, and the Helaine’s consort has been released from prison for the occasion. But behind the celebration, Helaine’s empire is in crisis. The death of her eldest daughter has placed the succession in doubt, the consort has been imprisoned for the last decade, her children war incessantly among themselves, and Gallia waits greedily to regain what it has lost.

The Final Voyage of the SS Prometheus

run by jen hay
This is it. You'll be home in just under three hours, and you have no idea what the future will bring. You might as well enjoy the party, this could be the last time you see some of your friends for a very long time.

The Lazarus Bar & Grill - FULL

run by sarah daymond
OPEN 24/7

The Most Magical Time Of The Year - FULL

run by dave agnew and philippa irvine
Auckland's supernatural scene is teeming with all sorts of intrigue and excitement, from grand Faerie Courts to Shadowy Cabals... and then there's you, a low level bureaucrat with Auckland Council’s Otherworldly Citizens Committee and Unnatural Liaisons Team (OCCULT). It's December again, and that means you and your plus ones are getting ready to be, invited to the annual office Christmas party.

The Sky Like Glass - FULL

run by lee patrick
In a far corner of the galaxy, there is a planet no outsider should ever see, surrounded by an opaque dome.

Toil and Trouble - FULL

run by donna giltrap
There are three great heroes in the Kingdom of Arkhos. Their fates are bound together, like sticks in a bundle. And those fates will manifest very soon.
One will be king. One will be happy. One will die.
This much is woven into the skein of destiny, and cannot be changed. But destiny can manifest in many different ways. Humans can pull it one way or another, within the confines of its essential nature, if they wield the right sort of power.
That power is called witchcraft.


run by stephanie pegg
Smite the sounding furrows; for my purpose holds
To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths
Of all the western stars, until I die.

-- Alfred, Lord Tennyson

In the year 3029, Star Seeker Ulysses returned to Habitat Ithaca after twenty years of journeying, slew the many suitors of his faithful wife Penelope, and restored himself to the throne and obligations of ruler, spouse and father. Now he calls to him the comrades who were left behind on his long journey home; to set forth on one last expedition, beyond the western stars of the Spiral Arm: to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. Will you join him? Or will you remain in the world of women: the housekeepers and wives, the daughters, the thought-sibyls, the goddesses, the technomancers. Do you want to? Will they let you?

Content Warning: the cultural values of this game are inspired by those of ancient Greece, and include sexual double standards and the institution of slavery. Part of the game is thinking about what life is like living in a different time, what it means to be transgressive, and dealing with the consequences of your actions.

Untitled Space Larp - FULL

run by cody drysdale
5 Spacers are trapped on a Spaceboat;
The Aspidistra, right in the intersice of two blackholes. Their sails are limp, their hopes are low and time is short.